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Chapter 1
    Sunlight filtered into the room through a chink in the black curtains that shielded the window. It made all the dirty clothes on the floor, the dishes piled on the desk, and the messy bed quite visible, and also woke up the occupant of the room. The figure groaned softly,  slapping blindly at the curtains to try to stop the wretched light coming through. He kept feeling, getting more frustrated as his skin began to sizzle. With one last growl of defeat, he rolled up in bed and out of the path of the sun. He stretched gently, then padded over to the window to close those traitorous curtains of his.
    Heaving a huge sigh after the deed was done, he looked around the room in disdain. "I have REALLY got to clean this place." He muttered. Yawning, the teen walked over to a bedside lamp, almost hidden within the piles of stuff that called the dresser home. He flipped it on, the light putting the room in full view. Posters adorned the wal
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Obsidian by camdenmascaro Obsidian :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 3 25 Rattle, the forgotten soldier (read description) by camdenmascaro Rattle, the forgotten soldier (read description) :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 5 455 Th-there's a stranger in us all by camdenmascaro Th-there's a stranger in us all :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 1 50 Flower for goatmom by camdenmascaro Flower for goatmom :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 4 262
Five Nights of Fear, part two
Five Nights of Fear, Part 2
     Erica was tired. She was tired of these stupid flickering lights. Tired of this cramped little office, with the unbearable whirring of the small metal fan on her desk. What is it with this thing? she thought. It's not like it cools the place down. She came to the conclusion that, yes, while providing a VERY SMALL amount of air, the office was still unimaginably hot. Sweat made her shirt stick to her like flypaper. Her hair was tied into a bun, to keep it off her back. It was slick under the guards cap. The purple uniform she Donned was heavy, and DID not help her keep cool. It was almost like cotton, but just a bit too thin.
       She heaved a frustrated sigh. Her head ached, and her breathing came fast. " What sucks most, is the fact, that these....robots, WON'T STOP MOVING" she growled to herself. The first night was almost like heaven. She hadn't believed the "stuffing" bull. Then....that bear came to the window. s
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Green by camdenmascaro Green :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 4 0 Proxy! by camdenmascaro Proxy! :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 4 45 A VS. P by camdenmascaro A VS. P :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 3 6 THANK YOU ALL! by camdenmascaro THANK YOU ALL! :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 5 9 Happy birthday! by camdenmascaro Happy birthday! :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 1 2 NEW OC: Moren by camdenmascaro NEW OC: Moren :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 1 391 I SEE YOU by camdenmascaro I SEE YOU :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 4 7 Maggie the magician by camdenmascaro Maggie the magician :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 3 0
Five Nights of Fear *REBOOTED*
The resteraunt was quiet. Eerily quiet.  The windows were dark, the streets outside empty aside from the occasional car. The faded "closed" sign hung on the doors. Yet, the resteraunt wasn't empty.  If you were to walk through the doors, past the darkened stage, past the closed off curtains that stood in the way of pirates cove, and hurried down the hall. At the end, you would see the faintest glow, coming from a small room. You would hear the whirring of a small office fan. Inside the small cluttered office,  there sat a young girl. Her form was hunched over in a large swivel chair, and her face was illuminated by the electronic glow of a screen, which she stared at intently. The phone ring blared out, making the blonde jump quickly. It rang a few times before the crackle of a speaker gives way to a voice speaking through the device. "Hello hello? Heeello? Uh, Hi! " the odd sounding voice continued for a few minutes, before hanging up. The girl sat back and stared at th
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Just an idea I'm working on by camdenmascaro Just an idea I'm working on :iconcamdenmascaro:camdenmascaro 3 0


lw cad by SpectreKoix lw cad :iconspectrekoix:SpectreKoix 15 9 Unhappy (not a vent!) by Jade-A-Lade Unhappy (not a vent!) :iconjade-a-lade:Jade-A-Lade 10 5
The world is drowning in weirdness and lies. And here we are; magic or mundane, and so used to it all that we are actually bored. Or in the very least we are trapped in a cycle of either unyielding monotony or the world we are trapped in is crumbling under our feet. You either stand under the light of day as anyone else; normal, run of the mill.. Just a face. You wake up, eat that stale cereal and go to a job you hate just like the rest while an itching feeling nags you that this is all wrong.. And the letters you are receiving are confirming it, although in a nonsensical fashion.
Or perhaps you are as unique as they come. Perhaps you breathe fire or fly or melt the hearts of those that hear that voice of yours. But if you do, you certainly are not anywhere near the world you know. The crumbling city you and several others like you are squatting in wherever you can find the space. But not everyone is here. That much you at least know. There are some like you that are not here.
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Proxy the Mutant Wolf by TheDarkPhoenixQueen Proxy the Mutant Wolf :iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 3 2
So my brother got Little Nightmares
*in the Janitor's room*
Brother:*kicks stuff* Fuck your pots.
Me: Wha...What? Why? ;-;
Brother: Coz I can :D
*Later my brother finds a Nome*
Brother: It's adorable! *he jumps and the  Nome jumps* Hehehe
*He proceeds to do this for the next two minutes* -_-
EVEN Later:
*the arms get cut off*
Me: ....
Brother: Fuck your arrrrrms. Fuck your arms. I'm gonna set them on fire *six takes out lighter*
Me: ;;;-;;; Brother why....
*he's died more from falling than from enemies*
Brother: I need to distract the chef *throws fish at chef 1's head*
Me: Good going, genius...
:iconcometgazer379:cometgazer379 3 13
Boba Fett by AldoK Boba Fett :iconaldok:AldoK 414 29 Join the circus they said, it'll be fun they said by Channydraws Join the circus they said, it'll be fun they said :iconchannydraws:Channydraws 168 40 Flustered flower by Channydraws Flustered flower :iconchannydraws:Channydraws 208 72 Cute the cutie by Channydraws Cute the cutie :iconchannydraws:Channydraws 330 536 I feel pretty Oh so- oh shit- by Channydraws I feel pretty Oh so- oh shit- :iconchannydraws:Channydraws 264 81 Darkiplier by LuLACk Darkiplier :iconlulack:LuLACk 49 13 UT + FNAF -  These Jokes Are Gold! (Commish) by Atlas-White UT + FNAF - These Jokes Are Gold! (Commish) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 419 37 i couldn't help myself by GalixyCreamWolf i couldn't help myself :icongalixycreamwolf:GalixyCreamWolf 3 1 Ohhh Heck by N30NKatArtist Ohhh Heck :iconn30nkatartist:N30NKatArtist 275 87 [CM] Woof? by VioletMech [CM] Woof? :iconvioletmech:VioletMech 19 3 Smol markimoo by aiko-sweetgirl Smol markimoo :iconaiko-sweetgirl:aiko-sweetgirl 116 27


Very cute and well drawn, but that is not uncommon with you. This pic has great color and is very well drawn, with some good details an...



Hey guys! I'm back! No more dissapearing ! No more not answering role-plays. I'm back for good! And it feels really good to be!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hey guys! I'm back! No more dissapearing ! No more not answering role-plays. I'm back for good! And it feels really good to be!


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